Randomus IRC Network

The Randomus IRC network, born in 2010, is host to some small communities, games, and integrations, with a lean towards games and technology projects. Anyone is welcome to join, hang out, and start their own little community if they'd like. Your operator is bss.


The network is available via irc.randomus.net (IPv4 or IPv6), port 6697 for TLS connections (or 6667 for unencrypted connections if you insist). Accounts can be registered via NickServ, and identification is available at connect time via SASL.

I recommend running WeeChat inside of tmux, which accomplishes two major features:

More comprehensive docs on setting up your client are available online, and may be written up here at some point in the future.


A modern web client (Kiwi IRC) is available for your use at https://webirc.randomus.net/. It provides a full IRC experience in your browser, letting you chat in as many channels as you'd like, register your account and return to your settings later, and so on. Just enter a nick and channel(s) to join, and you'll be online.

Registering and Configuration

Standard services (NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ) are available for use.

NickServ and User Options

To claim your nickname and keep persistent server-side settings, register with NickServ. If you are planning on spending time on the network, registering your nick allows you (or channel ops) some useful settings. But first, to register on the network, /msg NickServ REGISTER [password] [email] once you have connected with your desired nick. Instructions will be sent to the provided email address on how to proceed. Following that, you can then either /msg NickServ IDENTIFY [password] to log in, or provide your password when you connect to the server.

You may also /msg NickServ HELP REGISTER for more information on registering, or /msg NickServ HELP for help on what settings are available to you once you're registered, some of which include:


If you are registered with NickServ, other users can send you messages ("memos") via MemoServ that are kept in an inbox on the server. When you are online (immediately or upon reconnect), MemoServ will privmsg you that you have messages waiting, which you can read and reply to.

This is a good way to receive messages if you are not yet using a client that is connected continuously for whatever reason.

Channel History

Channels may be configured with a limited backlog of retained channel history (+H). If your client supports history, you will receive the messages that were sent since you last reconnected (and if your client doesn't support history, all the messages retained in the history get sent). For channels that are using this feature, this means that you do not necessariy need to stay connected to IRC 100% of the time, as long as you are checking in occasionally (within the span of the history).

Public Channels

A noncomprehensive list of channels to join if you're bored.


Server rules are normal — no abuse, no spam, no illegal stuff. Full rules via e.g. /quote rules, and channels may have their own rules.